Aspire Security Ltd. Alarm Response ServiceAspire Security Ltd. Limited does not have a Snooze Button. Our Team has been personally trained by the ‘Genie in the Bottle’. We provide one of the best Alarm Response Services around the area. The security teams and mobile dog units remain standby for immediate deployment upon alarm activation. A full perimeter and site search is executed to ensure satisfaction that the site security is not compromised. The alarm systems are rechecked, reset and sites re-secured in shortest possible times. The Alarm Response Units are trained to mitigate threats, evacuate sites and handle emergency situations. Detailed reports are generated, discussed and shared with related authorities for supplementary actions required and to further devise plans to tighten and ensure security.  Our Alarm Systems can be used in combination with existing alarm or CCTV arrangements installed at the site or even with random mobile patrols if the site is not equipped with a system.